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When should you go to the Emergency Room or ER?

Family First ER provides emergency treatment for everything you see listed here.

Family First ER in Baytown provides emergency services you need at the time you need them. We offer a full range of diagnostic testing and experienced medical staff to ensure that you and your family have an excellent healthcare experience.

Family First is a free-standing emergency room (ER) serving Baytown, TX. With our high-quality imaging and lab equipment, we can diagnose and treat any health emergency, no matter the age of the patient or the severity of the problem.

Meet Our Doctors

Our expert team of emergency physicians and nurses offer the highest-quality care you'll find anywhere.

Emergency medicine treats more than trauma to the body. Certain illnesses can escalate quickly. Strokes and heart attacks require immediate care.
  • Allergic reactions can come from anywhere. It is the body’s hyper-response to an allergic stimulus, which could be from food, plants, animals, medication, or other sources.
  • Heat and cold related illnesses often occur rapidly when working in extreme temperatures and environments.
  • Patients with a serious infection may run a high fever, chills, or difficulty breathing.
  • Seriously infected wounds may have red streaks traveling toward the heart from the wound location.
  • Individuals with compromised immune systems from diabetes, cancer, or other illnesses with infections are at increased danger of infections that may not occur in the normal population.

Why Choose Us

When in doubt, if you or anyone else experiences extreme, unexplained symptoms or symptoms with sudden onset, do not hesitate to contact Family First Emergency Care.

On-Site Lab & Imaging

With an on-site lab and top tier imaging equipment (CT, Ultrasound, & X-ray), we are a diagnostic powerhouse.

All Major Insurances

If you are not fully covered, we’ll work with you and your provider to keep out of pocket costs minimal.

Open 24/7

Family First ER is a 24 hour clinic, open 365 days a year. Our tireless nurses and physicians are always at the ready.


Your kids are your pride and joy. Our pediatrics department is ours, outfitted with the best.

VIP Treatment

Built with luxury & comfort in mind, Family First strives to make every patient’s stay with us a memorable one.

No Wait Time

We are your partner for health, helping your live well by bringing the best in medicine and healthcare to your door.

You are welcome here

For Emergency Concerns Or Questions About Our Facility Please Call Family First ER At (555) 555-5555 Right Away
If you’re currently facing an emergency situation, please come directly to our clinic for immediate treatment. Walk-ins will be seen to with no wait time. For non-urgent questions or concerns, contact us via email form below.

Contact Us

    A member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible! If you’re currently in need of emergency treatment, please call us instead at (555) 555-5555.

    For immediate service Call
    (510) 210-5225

    For immediate service
    (510) 210-5225